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  Shanghai Academy of Environmental Sciences (SAES) was established in 1979, subordinated to Shanghai Environmental Protection Bureau, is a comprehensive research institution.

Showing as follows:

  • Personnel: 200,75% technical personnel.
  • Possession: 13000m2 total area, including administrative building, scientific research building, library and central training building.
  • About hundred sets of large and mid types of scientific equipment, total capital more than ten million RMB.
  • More than 3000 items of research projects have been achieved within the recent ten years, and obtained more than 50 awards both local and national .
  • Engaged in more than 20 international cooperation projects in cooperation with US, Japan, UK, Australia, Denmark, Norway as well as the World Bank and ADB.
  • Participating in National High Technology Research and Development Program (863 Items)£º¡±Water Environmental Quality Improvement Technology and Comprehensive Demonstration of Shanghai¡±.
  • The first won the tender of international consultant unit of ADB in China.
  • In May 2004, approved by China National Accreditation Board of Laboratories, Environmental Testing Lab obtained ¡°Accreditation Certificate¡±, the accredited capacities and scope including 168, among the 396 detectable items, 58 concerning environmental quality standards and pollutants discharged standards. The laboratory has served environmental background quality investigation of investment projects for Dupont (U.S.), Rhone-Poulenc (France), Rhodia, SNPE, Panasonic etc. and obtained well appraisal.
  • Undertook and completed hundreds EIAs of major construction project and 16 items of local EIA.
  • Leading development of propaganda, training and accrediting on ISO14000 system in 1997.In 1998, Shanghai Huanke Environmental Certification Co.£¬Ltd. first approved by the State. The company has provided environmental certification and relevant technical services for hundreds of enterprises, including different sectors of international companies and domestic enterprises.
  • In the field of pollution control, SAES has powerful technical backup in research, designing and engineering, and has undertaken on design and construction of up to a hundred projects, involving chemical industry, fine chemical industry, printing and dyeing, food, pharmaceutical industry, etc.
  • Environmental Products Quality Supervision & Inspection Center¡¯s qualifications range in 5 series, 34 kinds of environmental protecting products and 75 single items related with environmental quality and environmental protecting products. Among them, the qualification of cooking fume cleaner is one of the seventh units in China. Until now, our clients add up over several hundred which distribute more than six provinces all over the country.
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